My wish ?
To reignite the light within others by educating you to know your own self mastery.

      Donna-Marie is an intuitive light worker, energy coach ,spiritual guide and Medium . Her ability to connect with spirit allows access to Devine Light energy that is brought forward to serve and support each client for their best and highest good . The intention of her work is to bring clarity and understanding on any limited belief or blockage, personal or professional, that is preventing you from moving forward. Her modalities are tapping into your spirit guides through breath work and using EFT ( tapping ) to clear, release and even heal. It is important to understand your own energetic vibration, as it is THE KEY to aligning you to be the vibrational match to your goals. Her personal mission is to educate each client on how to understand energy and apply the tools that she teaches to help you help yourself.

Through my work as a practitioner it has been made so clear to me that we are capable of so much more. Awareness, is simply the beginning. We are beings of infinite possibility and it is my intention for every client to walk away feeling clear, centered and empowered.